Argentina: Uniendo Caminos

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27.02.2023 / 12.12.2025
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Subir Al Sur
Uniendo Caminos is a Foundation that accompanies children, youth and adults low-income so that they finish school and carry out their personal projects.

Education is a tool for social inclusion. Uniendo Caminos believes that education designed and proposed from a comprehensive approach is a tool for social inclusion through which better opportunities can be created so that people can develop their full human potential.

The foundation accompanies more than 4,500 adolescents Thanks to more than 100 volunteers from different areas, passionate about teaching others what they know.
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The activities carried out are:

- School support accompaniment -Snacks for children and youth -Recreational activities for children and youth -Study methodology workshops -Cultural and educational outings -Cinema/Photography/Literature/Theatre/Recycling/Textile/Mural Design Workshops -Gender and sexuality workshops -Employability workshop -Vocational/labor orientation -Work internships

The activities planned for volunteers are:
-Help in daily activities.
-Get involved in the planning and implementation of recreational and educational.

In general, the task of the volunteers consists in collaborating with the maintenance of the space,
participating and assisting in weekly scheduled activities and accompanying youth participate
in them.
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Subir al Sur provides accommodation in a shared house with other volunteers and gives money to buy food.
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Located in the southern zone of the City of Buenos Aires, in the Barracas neighborhood, the Zavaleta Temporary Housing Nucleus conforms, together with Villa 21 and Villa 24, one of the largest and oldest informal spaces in the City. The southern zone has historically been one of the most precarious places in the City of Buenos Aires. The building deficit, lack of potable water, lack of sewers is characteristic of these neighborhoods. A large part of the population of these neighborhoods remains below the poverty line, in insecure or job insecure conditions
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