Cambodia: CYA - Learning Center (CLC)

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09.12.2024 / 21.12.2024
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Cambodia Youth Action
The Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) began in 2014 as the CYA Learning Center (CLC), with the aims to promote higher education among local children and teenagers, preserve and protect local cultural heritage, and improve the living conditions of local people.

Volunteers have been the cornerstone of CSD’s success. They started by building bamboo classrooms, designing our beautiful library and stocking it with thousands of books, donating computers for our computer classes, and teaching English, music, arts, and sports to local students. Remarkably, all our services are offered free of charge. In addition to supporting our non-formal education programs, volunteers play a crucial role in engaging the community. They help organize events and ceremonies to preserve local cultural heritage and foster community spirit. The presence of volunteers has brought significant changes to the lives of local people. Improvements in hygiene and sanitation, the growth of small grocery shops, and enhanced family incomes are just a few examples. At CSD, volunteers not only contribute to the community but also gain invaluable experiences. They learn about the local lifestyle, adapt to local living conditions, make friends, expand their global network, and discover their career and life goals.

In essence, volunteers initiated CLC and have been pivotal in transforming the community while also experiencing personal growth and learning. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners for their continuous support and for sending us motivated volunteers
İş Tanımı
- Teaching English, Computer, and organise library activities for students
- Design and print T-shirt and soap making for CLC social enterprise
- Participate/organise cultural event with local people
- Work on vegetable garden of CLC
Konaklama ve Yemek
Volunteers will be hosted in the volunteer's house inside the center, featuring several toilets and bathrooms.
Konum ve Serbest Zaman
There are many tourist attractions in Kampot and Kep province. They are Bokor National Park, Kep National Park, Koh Tonsay, Toeuk Chhou Waterfall, Kep beach, and Sihanouk Ville city is not far from the site.
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En Yakın Terminal
Kampot city
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