Japan: Erabu 2

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01.12.2024 / 20.12.2024
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This project is actively working for SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) and SDGs 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), organized together with a group of farmers since 1995. The project has been held mostly in March and this is the 3rd time to be held in the summer since 2019. The project started by the links with the President of NICE who had a farm stay here in his student days. The island has rich, beautiful sub tropical nature with corral leaf on the beach without being polluted by the tourism. As the location is isolated and very far from the cities, they can hardly get the paid workers to help their farm work, so vols. help it to protect their industry and life! Thus, the volunteers can learn a lot from the natural and local life, by that many of them become a big fan of the island!
*Outcome of this workcamp: Workcamps have greatly contributed to the farmers (not to waste the flowers due to lack of working power) in 2023 by 3 workcamps with 10 vols.!
İş Tanımı
The volunteers will be spilt into 3 farms (without change in the whole period) and mainly help to harvest the flowers and other farm work such as selection and rapping of flowers. Farm work will be 5-6 days in a week usually around 08:00-18:00 (sometimes, even longer) with lunch break in 12:00-13:30. There will be some pocket money to be used for meals (besides the lunch on the working days) and a part of the travel cost to the island. Thus, there are some possibilities to have another public work once a week such as beach cleaning and activities at the elders home though not sure.
Konaklama ve Yemek
Local house rent for the volunteers with some sleeping rooms, bath, kitchen, toilet, etc. Meals will be cooked by the volunteers themselves besides the lunch on the working days that will be provided by each farm.
Konum ve Serbest Zaman
Okino erabu island. It originally belonged to Ryukyu kingdom of Okinawa islands which deeply effects the culture. It had been once occupied by the USA after the World War II, but returned back to Japan in 1953. Birth rate is one of the highest in Japan since people help each other like a big family:)
Excursion on the island (limestone cave, etc.) on the free days, welcome/ farewell parties, swimming in the beach, sea turtle (or if lucky, also whale!) watching, etc.
Local SDGs (2030 goals) of Erabu
Konuşulan Diller
En Yakın Terminal
The nearest international airport is Naha. The ferry runs every day (Naha 07:00 - Wadomari 14:10, Wadomari 12:00 - Naha 19:00. 5,760 JPY for one way). Vols. need to arrive at Naha by the end of Nov. 30 and can leave there after the beginning of Dec. 21.
Okino erabu island, Kagoshima
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