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01.12.2024 / 14.12.2024
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Friendship Foundation Nepal
The goal is to provide the local population with an alternative way of sustaining themselves while involving the whole family in organic agriculture and providing healthier food options.The volunteers will be involved in agriculture, working in a nursery to grow new and improved varieties of vegetables and crops. We will teach the local population how to plant and grow healthy produce. We will also provide a variety of different seeds which will be distributed to local families so that they can be used effectively to provide sustenance. In the evening, we will be discussing different topics, such as freedom of expression, women empowerment, peace, etc. with the local people.
İş Tanımı
-The project will take place in a small village in Kathmandu district, 7 km from Thamel, the center of Kathmandu. Most local people live off agriculture. The issue is with the chemicals that are used in agriculture and their harmful effect on public health. -Renovation of classrooms-Teaching subjects such as English or Sports to students Sharing information about environmental awareness with villagers
Konaklama ve Yemek
Simple accommodations with a local family. Volunteers will enjoy three traditional meals a day, mostly the Nepalese traditional Dhal Bhat and Tarkari, and take turns Cooking and doing chores. Showers are available with cold water.
Konum ve Serbest Zaman
(1.5) Extra activities: If anyone would like to explore Nepal before and after the project, we will also help you find a good company for your traveling arrangements in Nepal upon your request but it is not compulsory.(1.6) Pick up and traveling:We will pick up our volunteer from Tribhuwan International Airport on time on the information that will be provided to us. If volunteers want to come individually then you can come directly to the location. All the volunteers will travel together with our camp leaders so please kindly arrive in Kathmandu one day before the project starts if he or she comes late they both have to manage their travelling to the project FFN staff will only help you to catch the right transportation.
welcome to you in kathmandu project
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English, English
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Tribhuwan International airport in kathmandu.
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