Argentina: SAS and SES Support

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01.03.2023 / 12.12.2025
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Subir Al Sur
Fundación SES is an Argentine NGO which, since 1999, has deployed initiatives and practices that seek to improve the quality of life of youth by focusing on developing their rights. The SES foundation, through the Subir al Sur program, aims to promote volunteering as a non-formal intercultural education. Also, it motivates education for peace by facilitating the meeting of people from different regions of the world with solidarity goals
İş Tanımı
These are tasks that support the work of the Foundation's teams. They are
generally tasks related to communication, the development of materials and documents, and project design. We promote the development of skills for work in this type of activities.
- Cooperate in everyday activities to promote volunteer services international in Argentina and the world.
- Search for new projects and funds, organize events, donations.
- Help in organizing events in different areas. Collaborate in the development of the methodology of meetings between young people.
Konaklama ve Yemek
Subir al Sur provides accommodation in a shared house with other volunteers and gives money to buy food.
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The Fundacion SES office is located in the city of Buenos Aires, but works in different neighborhoods of the city and Gran Buenos Aires (the surroundings). The various Fundacion SES Programs focus on promoting the social, educational, economic/labor and civic inclusion of youth who, for different reasons, have their rights or access to them violated. The complex infrastructure of Buenos Aires makes it one of the most important metropolises in the Americas. Although its per capita income is one of the highest in the region, an estimated 5.7% of the city's inhabitants live in slums, where more than half the population does not have legal title. land ownership, nor do they have regular access to at least two of the basic services. Young people represent almost a fifth (19.8%) of the total population of the City (606,000 people) and are present in one of every three homes. Poverty reaches 19.5% of households with the presence of young people.
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