Argentina: Hogar Maria Luisa

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27.02.2023 / 12.12.2025
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Subir Al Sur
Hogar Maria Luisa take care of 20 boys and girls that live in the House. They get into the Children’s protection system when the local authorities decide to separate them from the places where they live because they are being victims of domestic violence.
While the administrative situation is solved, in the House they focus in raising children to restore and repair the signs that the mistreatment could have left in them.
The boys and girls that come to the organisation are from nearby neighbourhoods
As a civil organisation Hogar Maria Luisa have a social and educational project that is presented and approved by the Organism of childhood and teenhood of Buenos Aires in which they describe the way they work that is clearly human rights and childhood.
İş Tanımı
Hogar Maria Luisa are an almost closed community. Children live there 24 hours a day, and the employees have permanent work contracts. It's possible that the children that stay at the House are the same during the whole stay of the volunteer. The local volunteers are the only people from outside that can come into the House, but they respect some frequency, for example: the ones that take children to the hospital, the ones that help in the kitchen during the weekends, the ones that take children to a park, etc.

The activities planned to be carried out are:
-Help in daily activities.
-They can be kitchen helper, dining room attendant, stock assistant, safe food handling attendant, cleaning the kitchen, etc
-The attendance can be helping or guiding an art workshop or sports or playing games during the afternoons
-helping taking care of the children in recreational outings or in the background of the house.
-Attending children to create garden care habits, watching and taking care of plants and sows and harvest, making compost and its maintenance.
-Classification and clothing order: Attending with order and classifying the clothes that children wear, separating those that are not in good conditions. Restock clothes from the general stock paying attention to size and good taste to dress. Separate the ones that have to be taken to a dressmaker. Sort out clothing that they receive as a donation, etc. (this task is to be done together with other tasks)

-Tidying up rooms: Actually they have many rooms to order, tidy and be assigned to other activities. Some ideas: for example, to transform one of the rooms in a gaming place; another room will be an historic and administrative archive; they have historic material to make a book to tell the story of the organisation.

-Get involved in the planning and implementation of recreational and educational.
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Subir al Sur provides accommodation in a shared house with other volunteers and gives money to buy food.
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The Project is localet in San Martin District, in Villa Ballester City. The distance between Buenos Aires and Villa Ballester is 18 km.
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