Argentina: Bosque Urbano

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27.02.2023 / 12.12.2025
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Subir Al Sur
Bosque Urbano is a project created by students of the Universidad de San Martín 13 years ago.
They present it as a living laboratory, whose main objective is to preserve the biological heritage
and promote food sovereignty. It has a size of 3200 metres square. It was created with the objective
of developing outreach and awareness activities so that the community can understand, listen and
learn from nature in order to improve and create a world with environmental justice. For this purpose, research tasks are developed and workshops open to the community are offered. In addition to the organisation's permanent team, the project frequently receives visits from scientists and environmental experts in coordination with the Universidad de San Martín, with the objective of
deepening on specific topics.
İş Tanımı
Volunteerings are spaces where we learn while we work, we share knowledge and take care of the space. We transplant, irrigate, identify species, remove invasive species and weeds, plant, make cuttings, fertilise and care for this great biodiversity.
The weekly agenda consists of the following activities:
1. Tuesday: Organic Garden Day.
2. Wednesday: Compost and biodigester day.
3. Thursday: Reproduction and care of native plants.
4. Friday: Biodiversity conservation.

The activities planned to be carried out are:
-Help in daily activities.
-Collaborate in infrastructure improvement and general maintenance
-Get involved in the planning and implementation of recreational and educational activities related
to the environment.
In general, the task of the volunteers consists in collaborating with the maintenance of the space,
participating and assisting in weekly scheduled activities and accompanying visitors who participate
in them.
Konaklama ve Yemek
Subir al Sur provides accommodation in a shared house with other volunteers and gives money to buy food.
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The District of San Martín is located next to the City of Buenos Aires. It has a population of 422,000 inhabitants. The territory of the district is almost totally urbanised, characterised by a highly industrial conformation. For this reason, the presence of “el Bosque Urbano” as a promoter of the care and preservation of the environment is highly valued in the local community. In addition, the proximity of the Universidad de San Martin generates a constant flow of students who use it as a space for their research, mutually enriching each other as a result of this interaction.
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