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VYA Taiwan
12304;About the foundation12305;Louyoung Foundation was founded in 1995, by a group of enthusiastic local cultural figures, who first organised tour guide groups, volunteer groups, a scout community, the Louyoung puppet theater troupe, and much more.The first preparations to establish Louyoung Cultural and Educational Foundation were made in 1994 by a group of like-minded friends who organized local concerts, art exhibitions, lectures and seminars to bring more activities into the community. The idea of a cultural center was also supported by local people who enjoyed the community activities and wanted to promote and maintain local traditions.Luckily, preparations were made one year later, and in 1995 the first National Art Festival was launched in the county. Yunlin Cultural Bureau wanted to hold the festival in Xiluo, and in order to promote the local heritage, the festival was called Romance of Xiluo . Since at that time Louyoung Foundation was not known by Yunlin Cultural bureau, it officially applied to host the festival since this event will be a great opportunity to make Louyoung Foundation known to the public. Therefore, the initiative of inviting reporters and social media was taken in hope to promote the foundation and to raise enough funds to set it up.As a result of the previous actions and initiatives, the Louyoung Cultural and Educational Foundation was founded. The board of directors was established, being led by: Chairman Liao Deng Tang and CEO Lee Hong Yi, followed by Lai Mei Ru and Louise Ho as Executive Secretaries, Liao Sheng Long, Yang Yong Xiong and the volunteer community hoping they could make Xiluo a better place. It is now the most important cultural center in the city, which provides space for artists and writers to display their work, and where visitors can learn more about the old town s history and traditions. The Board of Directors and volunteers at Louyoung Foundation work hard every day to contribute with their time and money to protect Xiluo s heritage and traditions. 12304;Project Background12305;Xiluo TownshipXiluo, located in the middle of Taiwan the northeast Township of Yunlin County, is situated in the Zhuoshui River alluvial fan valley which decrease progressively from the east to the south. The great Xiluo Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in Taiwan and has been standing on the River for 68 years. You can not only admire the beautiful sunset, but also enjoy the historical atmosphere and the typical Taiwanese culture in Xiluo old street. Night view of the Xiluo Bridge The traditional Puppet show and musical Chinese Kung Fu handcraft experiencingDuring your stay in Xiluo, you can also learn Mandarin Chinese speaking, and traditional Chinese Kung Fu, experience the Taiwanese Puppet show, learn some handcraft skills, of course, make friends with local people. Moreover, you might go to primary school to have Culture Exchange or teach English. Furthermore, we are
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Xiluo LMTV workcamp is going to assist Xiluo Cultural Museum (Louyoung foundation). Volunteer need to do the daily house cleaning in Xiluo Culture Museum and backpacker house, help the foundation manage and update our social media, website, blog or Facebook. Volunteer has to maintain the backpacker house with comfortable living conditions. Volunteer will also do some gardening and join environmental community events etc-. Local volunteers will support international volunteer to run this project as well.For more informations of Louyoung Cultural and Educational Foundation and international workcamps, please browse:http://www.louyoung.org.tw https://www.facebook.com/louyoung.ngohttps://www.facebook.com/siluo.yenping.museum/ Description of Main Works: 61548;Culture exchange: Volunteer will be hosting guests and assisting various duties on the reception desk in a rotating base. Volunteer will experience the culture of Xiluo, such as kung fu, hand puppet shows etc. We expect the volunteer would merge these experiences with the culture of their motherland and carry out creative ideas. We would be very grateful for any web content inputs from the volunteer, such as videos, graphics, or podcast in social media for the Cultural Museum and community colleges. Of course, the volunteer will have to maintain the garden in the Louyoung foundation. (Something may be change, depend on your ability to arrange the work)61548;English Exchange in high school: The volunteer will have the opportunity to participate in English teaching in schools or help Community College. He/she will also help to translate some chapters and document. (Something may be change, depend on your ability to arrange the work) If volunteers are interested in creativity in the art sector, you are very welcomed to volunteer in our foundation. In this case, let us know your interest and we could work out a plan together, in terms of financial supports and networking with local artists. Free Day: Volunteers will have 2 free days per week on Monday and Tuesday only. Weekend is always the busy day to run the backpacker house and Souvenirs shop. It is not allowed to take day off during the weekend.Culture Exchange: The locals would be more than happy to welcome you in Xiluo. Please use this opportunity to exchange experiences, to learn more about other social, cultural and political living conditions and to show yours in return. In order to promote this, we will have some special cultural event and celebrations at the temple in September and October. The volunteers will be able to present their countries and have fun with the locals.
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1.Accommodation is at Xiluo Backpacker s House. The address is: 2F, No.81 Yenping Road, located in town center. Volunteer can use bike for daily transportation and bus station, post office or 24h shop are just nearby. 2.A comfortable blanket and pillow will be provided so there is no need to bring a sleeping bag. 3.There will also be some pocket money , around NTUS dollar 6000, to support daily food. Volunteer can cook by themselves or enjoy the delicious local food in Xiluo restaurants. Internet is always available both in working place and accommodation. There is a washing machine and refrigerator in the accommodation. The weather changes a lot during the season, temperature could vary from 108451; to 328451;, so please bring suitable clothes.
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A traditional and typical Taiwanese town in Yun-Lin County, locating on the middle-western of Taiwan. 1hr to Taichung city, 2hrs to Tainan city and 3hrs to Taipei city by public bus. Excursion, events organized by the foundation with local people, eco-tourism (optional), etc. 1hr to Taichung city and 2hrs to Tainan city by public bus.
CGC Application form 2 references basic Chinese is welcome Line or what s app interview
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