Colombia: Volunteer in a Cloud Forest

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24.02.2023 / 31.12.2023
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This project will be carried out in cooperation with a natural park, located near Bogotá, between 2.100m and 2.600m above sea level.
İş Tanımı
This natural park is a natural reserve that has two lines of volunteering, the first is focused on conservation and its activities are aimed at caring for and protecting the environment, and the second aims at education with children, an alternative school and learning community in the heart of the reserve. As a volunteer you can work in the line that you like the most, having the possibility of working in both lines if you wish. The activities carried out in volunteering are the following:

1. Accompany and assist investigations carried out in the reserve
2. Maintenance of different spots, such as the small lake “laguna”, forest nursery, organic gardens, trails and infrastructure
3. Environmental education
4. Waste and compost management
5. Support in reforestation-restoration work (planting days)
6. Accompany the local, learning community´s activities (accompany walks with the children, starting new projects, accompany learning processes, play...)
7. Language classes with the children (according to the language(s) the volunteer knows)
8. Suggest, develop and carry out new initiatives and projects
9. Other activities according to the skills and abilities of the volunteer and according to the needs of the natural park and community living there
Konaklama ve Yemek
The volunteer house is located in the heart of a nature park. It has 2 shared rooms with beds available for 4 people individually and one double bed for a couple. There is also a bathroom, an equipped kitchen, a small living room, terrace and washing machine. The house is not always fully occupied. It may happen that you are the only volunteer, depending on the time of year.

Each volunteer who stays for at least two months is assigned a monthly budget to buy food according to his/her diet; the amount is enough to buy basic food in the local market. The volunteers are responsible for cooking their own meals, this is a perfect space to share recipes and carry out a culinary cultural exchange. Vegetarian food is available.
Konum ve Serbest Zaman
This natural park is located in the middle of a cloudy forest in the mountains, therefore it can be cold and rainy, depending on the season of the year. Given its location, the reserve is close to Bogotá (40 min approx.), there you will find many places to enjoy the Colombian culture.
In case you do not want to leave the reserve, we have some activities that you can do in your free time such as:
1. Night walks for wildlife watching (weekends)
2. Trekking inside and outside the park (e.g. visiting other village on trails)
3. Extreme sport and wellness activities: zip line, arborism, tree climbing, music therapy (must be agreed in advance with the areas, the park does not cover the cost of this activity)
4. Horseback riding (must be agreed in advance with the areas, the park does not cover the cost of this activity)
5. Bonfires
6. Birdwatching
Extra fee: 50EUR/month.
(The extra fee can change a bit due to the exchange rates).
The extra fee includes accommodation and some pocket money for food.

The activities require constant contact with nature; this means that the volunteer will be finding himself/herself using physical strength and getting his/her hands dirty to get the job done. It is good to know and understand that you can encounter rain, sun, mud and insects. In addition, to carry out the activities it is necessary to walk the different trails, which have steep slopes. Therefore, volunteers should be in good health and willing to walk the different trails.

The water heater depends on the availability of gas, which is brought down to the hostel from time to time. On some occasions, hot showers might not be available. But in general there is hot water available.

The volunteers’ house has limited Wi-Fi (because there is only satellite internet in this remote area). It may only be used for basic needs, such as communication (some calls, messages, mails) and information (research, press), but not for large downloads, videos, streaming (music or movies), video calls, etc.

Working with the children in the park requires a high level of commitment and empathy. We are not looking for teachers, we are looking for people who understand that children are responsible for their learning process, and who want to accompany them in their explorations and self-directed learning.

Volunteers with physical, intellectual and psychosocial disabilities are welcome but the natural conditions of the park and the terrain may represent a risk or difficulty for the volunteer. This will be discussed during the interview.
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En Yakın Terminal
Terminal de Transporte del Sur, Bogotá
near Bogotá, Colombia
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