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Do you like to help SMILE NGO to promote online, writing blogs, on forum and contents for advertising the organization activities round the world. . SMILE Society ( Situational Management and Inter Learning Establishment Society) is a registered Non profit working for these underprivileged communities around the state of West Bengal since 2003 . On August 31, 2003, a team of family and friends leaded by Mr. Debabrata Chakraborty, voluntarily formed SMILE Society to fight against this injustice and bring a smile to these cute faces.Since then SMILE brought hundreds of children from the street to the normal society . SMILE mission is to provide volunteers with a customised program (workcamp, short term, long term) that will enable them to make an important contribution to these poor and needy kids from the street. Our foremost goal is to Bring Smile around We ensure that all volunteers are provided with a safe and enriching experience. Our flexible approach means that you will be given a placement to suit your needs and time scale. All international students are also welcome to take part in our Programme. Our unique placements could become the trip of a lifetime.
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Description of work:work:- Target Group for these project:- Online Promotional activities. Project Back ground :- . City Kolkata is know for its busy traffic ,huge population ,warm welcome and poverty around the street corners It is a great place to visit for every tourist coming to India. Work and Activities :- We are looking for volunteers from different countries to help us online promotion service over net. Due to charity status it is really difficult to go for paid advertising. Right now volunteers from native English speaking countries or from other European and Asian countries are welcome to join the SMILE team as a promotional assistant. Example Daily Schedule: Wake up early morning: 9am Breakfast: 9:30 am ( required to prepared by own) Project hour : 10-12 noon. Lunch at 1:30-2 p.m late afternoon: 2pm - 5pm,laundry time for volunteers workshop Dinner : 7:30 pm ( volunteers required help themselves in serving ,washing ) After 8 pm exit door would be closed.No one allowed to go out or come in the accommodation after 8 pm everyday including weekends. . 9:30 bed time Please remember that programme schedule or project site can be changed or altered by the Project In-charge if required and all volunteers are requested to cooperate with our local members and partners. All schedule should be followed and mandatory for everyone to participate and contribute
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Accommodation: Dormitory basis in host family as per available on arrival ( on cot with mattress/on floor with mattress, 2--4 volunteers in one room) shared accommodation (normally male & female separate room). You will get accommodation till 6 pm on the last day of your camp.We are unable to provide you any accommodation before or after these dates. Please arrange your own accommodation in case of early arrival or late departure .You are requested to meet our representative at the meeting place on exact time given above. If you arrive early then you can have your stay in any of the different hotels available nearby Airport, within 2 -3 km .on the road popularly called as V.I.P road. You are requested to take any cab to check in any of these hotels. If you arrive at earlier night then you are requested to stay inside the airport terminal and meet at the next morning with our representative at 12 noon.
Food: You will get 3 times local home made food from host family as per available on arrival. Please do not expect any kind of special dishes (veg/non veg) or cold drinks or special living room or air conditioned room during your term. You are requested to get ready for a simple and challenging life.
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Description of location and leisure:Madhyamgram is location 20km north from center of kolkata city. It is a big town with all the facilities and amenities available. It is well connected to the city. Host family is just 1 km. From local train, bus, taxi station. Online app based cab can be booked from home. At home limited wifi service is available. About kolkata city, you can easily know from net.

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