Argentina: Asociación civil Engranajes

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27.02.2023 / 12.12.2025
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Subir Al Sur
The Engranajes Civil Association is part of the work and organisation process carried out in the neighbourhoods of Béccar and Boulogne, which began more than 14 years ago. It allowed the mobilisation of excluded young people, the recovery of their potential and the improvement of their quality of life. The result was the implementation of two Community Cultural Centres (CCC): "Joven Creativo" and "Puertas al Arte" where free classes and workshops in Music, Dance and Arts in general are offered. Engranajes embarks on its path of self-management, seeking to transform the reality of its community through art and social organisation.
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Engranajes offers the space and activities for the various actors of the community to meet and project themselves, improve the quality of life of their communities and strengthen values such as solidarity, citizen participation and social responsibility for their environment. In this way, citizen participation is promoted by inviting volunteers and neighbours to participate in this process.They consider that generating a space for contact with people from other countries is an added value to their project objectives.

Te activities planned to be carried out are:

-Help in daily activities.
-Collaborate in food processing and delivery to the children.
-Search for materials and supplies needed for the workshops.
-Planify and carry-out recreational and educational activities for children and youth.

In general, the task of the volunteers consists in collaborating with the project activities and accompanying the young people who participate in them.
Konaklama ve Yemek
Lodging is in charge of Subir al Sur in a volunteer’s house. They are given money to buy food.
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En Yakın Terminal
The project is located in the urban area of the district of San Isidro, 27 km from the city of Buenos Aires, in the Province of Buenos Aires. Its population is approximately 307,165 inhabitants. The population of Bajo Boulogne is clearly urban and is divided into: a) humble population that lives below poverty levels and that in recent years has suffered serious economic problems and job loss (in-situ migration) and b) indigent population.
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